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Amber Midthunder

“I've grown in a lot of aspects with your help... I haven’t stopped working since!”

Jessica Sharples

“The CD liked me enough to call me in and today I got the call that I booked my first co-star role! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction and helping me book my first (of many) TV roles!”

Silvia McClure

“I’ve been acting for some time and in the last couple of years, stopped booking…I signed up for your training. My first audition 2 weeks later (for a show on Showtime) I left knowing that I nailed it...A week later, I went in for another cable show - your old network ;). Aaannd I booked it! I’m writing you from set, waiting to shoot my first scene. Thank you for all your valuable knowledge. The proof is in the pudding, right?!”

Xavier Sotelo

The price of Audition Rockstar Academy just had an ROI of God knows how much! After the 3rd class, I received an audition for one of the lead roles in a T.V. Doc series in Toronto... I BOOKED IT! Casting called my agent hours after they submitted my audition and they were wondering "Where did this guy come from!? You changed my career....AGAIN!!! Thank you Amy Jo Berman :-)!!!”

Alexis Guarneros

“I am so grateful for this class because it made me realize how I was making obvious choices…During an audition when something wouldn’t come out as expected, I got into my head and beat myself up. That’s why I am so grateful for enrolling in Audition Rockstar Academy -- it has been my saving grace!...I started working...It is like the magic of acting just came back to me!”

Yasmin Kassim

“Amy's guidance for me has been very, very important for my career. It really saves you the time when someone tells you how things work instead of making the mistake and learning it that way. My callback ratio has just gone through the roof. I've booked things. I'm working. She's amazing. She's the best ever. Thank you, Amy! I love you.”

Deb LeClair

“During the training I had a self-tape audition to do that involved a hug. I used the insight I gained during class 4 of the Audition Rockstar Academy and applied those same principles. I sent the tape off before I could second-guess myself, and I got a call back and then booked the role!”

Jeffrey Thomas Williams

“Just had a great career success! My first speaking role on TV aired!...What I am particularly happy about is I can go back and continue to use this proven information to further my career!

Deborah Kuhn

“I’d recommend Audition Rockstar Academy to anyone who is serious about improving their acting skills. I really got a lot out of it, especially in dealing with audition traps. Audition Rockstar Academy helped me to audition and not be like everyone else.

Julie Simpson

“I’ve been so busy – had another self-tape audition, met with a manager and signed with them, finished a music video. I’m on a set right now filming…Amy’s program has helped tremendously and I’ve never felt so confident and at ease with the process. Thank you so much!!”

David Sedgwick

“Amy’s training has been a wonderful reminder of the power of advice from an expert…I'm always skeptical about spending money on online training, but I'm very happy that I did.”

Alia Caprie

“Amy has really opened my eyes to new ways to approach my sides and the room so I can nail it every time! Now I have a much better understanding of how I can stand out and make the most of every audition I do from now on!”

Erika Harris

The scope of information amy puts into these programs is not something you're going to find often, or ever. The sheer detail she puts into this is really incredible and the information is absolutely invaluable and really needed if you’re serious about being an actor. Everything is super modern and up to date and in trend with what's going on with the business.”

Edwin H. Bravo

"Anyone can do this from a beginning actor to a seasoned actor. In fact, I just had an audition for a huge network show…and I took my notes with me because I was nervous (this was the first time I ever applied the Audition Rockstar stuff that I've learned), and I didn’t get that [small] part, but they did offer me a part on the show that actually works more days and can possibly come back next episode!"

Tom Ohmer

“In the past 35+ years I have been an actor…I have studied with some of the best acting coaches in town…I would highly recommend Amy’s training, not only for someone just starting out in the industry (I sure wish I knew back then what I know now), but also for those of us who have been around a while and think we know it all!”

Joel Slabo

“I just finished Audition Rockstar Academy. I took a chance with Amy, because of her casting background. And it was amazing how much I didn't know. I learned a really simple and intuitive technique to break down any sides and go from good to great! I’ve already been able to put it into practice and have gotten great feedback.”